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The Return of Trump: A Challenge for Global Democracy


In recent months, a disturbing trend has emerged: the resurgence of Donald Trump onto the political stage, where he once again positions himself as a powerful figure. While some may lament his return, concerned voices are also rising about the potential implications of his comeback on the global order.


Trump presents himself as a skilled negotiator who could contribute to promoting world peace. However, this portrayal raises important questions: What kind of peace does he seek? And at what cost?



A worrying trend accompanying Trump's return is the strengthening of the power of the regulatory world, while simultaneously threatening the freedom and integrity of democracy. Corruption permeates democratic institutions and undermines the trust of citizens in their governments.


We are already in an era described by many as managed democracy, where the media landscape is controlled by a handful of powerful actors. These "system writers" shape public opinion through manipulation of consumption habits, the spread of fake news, and the influence on labor and social policies.


It is undeniable that Trump's return poses a challenge to global democracy. His policies and rhetoric have already caused divisions and tensions that manifest on an international scale.


To address this challenge, it is crucial for citizens to remain vigilant and advocate for the values of democracy and freedom. It requires a strong civil society that opposes corruption and authoritarianism and advocates for a transparent and just government.


It is time for the democratic nations of the world to come together to defend the fundamental principles of our society and ensure that the voice of the people is heard. Only then can we shape a future where freedom and justice are guaranteed for all.

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